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New Manufactured Homes

For over 60 years, Champion Home Builders has established a reputation for building quality manufactured homes, modular homes and mobile homes affordable to a wide array of homebuyers. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, part of a growing family or an active senior, our award-winning designs and customizable floor plans are the perfect complement to your lifestyle. The homes Champion builds are professionally designed and engineered – built by craftsmen to meet exacting national, state and local building codes. They’re also inspected at every phase of the construction process to ensure our unparalleled quality standards are met.

Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania is well known through the industry for high quality, innovative designs , and beautiful homes - making Commodore the first choice of home buyers. Commodore's leadership is made possible by a highly trained and experienced workforce, the latest building technologies, and a passion for your satisfaction. Whether the buyer desires a single or multi-section home, the quality answer is always a Commodore Home.

Commodore's commitment to the homeowner, the retailer, and their own employees ensures a high end quality product that makes every buyer proud to "Come Home to Commodore." And with many of our manufactured homes now eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR® label, we bring an additional level of quality and comfort to our homes. For the sixth straight year, Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania is an ENERGY STAR® award winner.

Commodore is one of the largest and oldest producers of homes serving the Northeast United States. Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania is a division of The Commodore Corporation, an industry leader in the manufactured housing and modular home business with roots since 1952.

New and Used Homes

Certified Installers

Installation is perhaps the single most important consideration to assure safety, durability and long term satisfaction from your home. Listed below are some of the key elements of installation that can have a great impact on the performance of your home. Cresson Point Properties is a certified installer for manufactured homes.

Perfect-A-Line Set Equipment
Roof Jacks Lifting
Two Halves Becoming One
Roller Bearing System
Multi-Section Home
Single Section Home Set
Multi-Section Home Set
Multi-Section 5/12 Roof Being Lifted
Home Set Equipment
Concrete Pier Foundation
Insulated Concrete Slab Foundation
Home Site Prep

Site Preparation – Proper grading; free from low areas where water can collect along with properly installed ground vapor barrier is key to ensuring a long lasting foundation. Proper grading is essential for not only protecting the home from moisture but for aesthetics purposes for home skirting, walkways, driveways, patios.   We install pier footings, concrete slabs or insulated concrete slabs that are frost protected.

Equipment – We have state of art set equipment by Perfect-A-Line.  This includes moving both halves of the home with the high capacity roller bearings.  This allows us to move and set the home together eliminating the chance of damaging the home or the frame.  This is also a very safe system as when the home is being moved there is no one located under the home.  We also have roof jacks to be able to safely raise the roof on a 5/12 or even a 7/12 roof pitch.

Setting/Stabilization/Anchoring– We use a Bosch laser transit level to shoot the height of each pier support location to guarantee the home is set perfectly level.  To ensure that your home can withstand the forces of windstorms by using Xi2 anchoring tie down system along with tie down straps in a single section home.  

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